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Setting About

posted May 10, 2010, 5:35 PM by Mary Powell
Finally, I've got enough thread spun to start warping the loom. The warp is the lengthwise threads that form the foundation of the cloth. On this type of loom, the warp is wound on a large beam on the back, and then pulled forward.
Here is the thread I will use for the warp, about 8 pounds, 4500 yards, give or take.

Even though the wool is clean, the thread must be washed. This will "set the twist." Just like if you wash your hair and then braid it, it will dry crimpy, when wool yarn is washed, it will hold onto its shape as it dries. This makes the yarn more cohesive and less likely to pull apart. Also, it can't hurt to be a little cleaner.
Yarn is washed just like wool is; carefully. However, since the hairs are a little more organized and not randomly floating around, the danger of felting is much less.
The amount of water one of these skeins can hold is simply amazing. Dry, they weight not quite a pound. Lifted straight out of the water, about five pounds. Of course, most of that drains away pretty quick, but it is still not a back friendly exercise.
It also takes a while for the thread to dry. My luck, I picked one of the rainiest weeks of the year. It took a good four or five days for all this to dry, hanging up.