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I'm a little tied up right now

posted Aug 19, 2010, 9:12 AM by Mary Powell
With the warp on the loom, we need a way to control it. This is done by pulling the threads through little loops--heddles

on wooden frames--harnesses.

 The harnesses are then tied to peddles--treadles--which raise and lower them, thus raising and lowering the threads.
There are two ways of getting the threads in their proper places. If you are setting a loom up for the first time, or changing the order of threads, you sit in the front with a long hook and pull each thread through the proper heddle. This is made easier if you have a willing helper to sit at the back and hand the threads forward in the proper order. If you are using the same thread sequence as the previous project and/or lack a willing helper, just leave a length of thread from the last project run through all the heddles, then sit in the back of the loom and tie each new thread to each old one.
So, I climb inside the loom. That's right inside. No, you don't get a picture of that. I'm wearing skirts, remember? This is one reason the old looms were so big. You have to be able to get inside or lean over the back beam. It's more comfortable to sit inside.
Sitting between the harnesses and the back beam,

 I untangle the first new thread, and the first old thread,

 and tie them together.

That's it. No fancy knots, no patterns, just 450 little overhand knots.

Remember that cross we worried so much about earlier? That is how I tell which thread goes where. Told you it was important.